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"Art is the best language for creating awareness in oneself and with others. It is the nourishment for a vital force that inhabits every human being, and that makes us wake up either by a need of manifestation in the artist, or by being filled when contemplating a work as an audience."



"Good art expresses the harmony between colours, proportions and the material used. It also opens up a part of the inner being of the artist. This makes good art unique and special."

About  Us

ART GLOBAL GALLERY is an alive Art Gallery. It’s an art project in itself, created and administrated by artists. We strive to diminish the gap between creators, collectors, promoters and art curious through out the world by developing projects and tools that bring art closer to anyone who is interested and, at the same time, providing a trustable environment to make fair business for all.


We believe art is the best language to create bridges to better communication and understanding around the world. So, with headquarters in Switzerland and a worldwide net of connections, we further into finding  JUST the right piece of art for your collection. We showcase artists with a solid international reputation as well as rising artists with one thing in common: each of them has a plastic language of their own and a unique perspective on life.


Art is unique because it communicates the feeling of one person for the enjoyment of another.

And so its ART GLOBAL GALLERY. We facilitate JOY because we believe in ART. 


We welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit.

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