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It would be nice to say that his love for cinema began with Fellini, Bergman or Tarkovsky. But no, Juan Carlos' story is more local. 


He was barely 7 years old when one morning he saw his house invaded by dozens of people carrying impressive lighting equipment and huge cameras. The film Mary of my Heart, by Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, was being filmed. At less than a meter tall, he witnessed and was an extra, a deployment film that marked him for life.

From that dazzle, he decided to study Communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana; two years were enough to realize that was not his thing. He dropped out and started working in the area of production in different production houses. While he was finding his academic way, he completed the diploma of fixed photo in Kodak Mexico in which he

learned all the chemical processes of analog photography and experienced with all its formats: 4x5, 6x6 and 35mm.

This allowed it to make the jump to the digital world with wide bases.

Years later, he decided to travel to Cuba to study film and Photography at the emblematic EICTV, founded by Gabriel García Márquez and Francis Ford Coppola. For 3 years he had access to knowledge and techniques of international experts, as well as the invaluable contact with students who came from different latitudes and cultures. From then on, he started his way as a Director of Photography turning his talent and passion into films, series and advertising. 


The inspiration of masters like Ansel Adams and above all, travel, have impacted Juan Carlos' quest to portray unique moments that captures by way of memory: some imposing railway tracks, the amazing red light of the sunset, the innocent smile of a child or the whiteness of the clouds on the peaks of the Alps.

Unique moments that reflect a permanent search to capture in their works the contrasts of life. With its shades and textures. With its lights and its shadows.


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