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Armando Brito is above all a poet friend and caretaker of the world. An honorable person who knows to express his unique sensitivity in everything he does, translating his experiences in images and sculptures that evoke laughter and enjoyment of life.


He was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos in 1956, however his family is originally from Guerrero, and that's where he gets all the color of the saw in his eyes.


Armando Brito began his artistic career as a sign writer and story illustrator for publishing houses and little by little, through friendship and courses with artists like Roger von Gunten, Gilberto Aceves Navarro and Norman Thomas developed an artistic language that has earned him the recognition of the public and critics in our country and abroad; mainly in the US states of California and Delaware where he has been an artist in residence at various times.

In Mexico, his work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country, including Franz Mayer Museum, José Luis Cuevas Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Juan Soriano and the Estación Indianilla Museum where he also participated in the creation of the world's largest engraving.

A person with a lot of awareness about the reality of the world, the gaps and injustices that exist in human society, has chosen as an artist turning your back on uncertainty and fear. For him the important thing is to seek in art the roots of each person, to look at the moments of joy, in the fleeting life he portrays in his family and friends, in animals and in landscapes that runs through your memory.

In addition to Mexico and the USA, his work has been exhibited in Switzerland and is in private collections from that country, the Netherlands and Canada, where it is always appreciated as an ambassador of the warmth and affection that Mexico arouses in world and represented by its joviality and colorfulness that make it so special.

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