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Born in 1994 in Mexico City, this young artist has photography in his veins.


Having studied at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía - a vigorous institution that has created Mexican photographers - Diego Torres has managed to capture with great sensitivity his taste for architecture in open spaces as well as in the details of nature. Lines and curves capture his perception and transform them into images that transmit the freshness of a moment.


He is not interested in the conjectures of the space that surrounds him, nor in the grandeur of the landscape, but rather, he seeks the instant of the moment when the light hits and reflects a vivid feeling, the fragility with which a flower is constructed, the geometry of the horizon that we inhabit.


Impulsive as he may be, his work is methodical and he is a meticulous artist who pays attention to every aspect of his image, not only turning his sensibility upside down but also infecting his feeling for life.

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