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Norma Lovera was born in Mexico City and since she was a child she was attracted by the brilliance and translucence. Collector and passionate lover of arts in general and crafts from anywhere in the world, it was only natural that she became an artist. After studying Art History, Restoration and Design, her interest turned to work with glass and ceramics, techniques. She has more than 20 years experience making mosaics, fussion glass and stained glass. 

Her work is a laborious and intrinsic game of pieces, a puzzle that flows with movements and rhythms, mixing amber, blue, green, red and transparent glass, that in surrounding forms distort reality to make it more fun. A contemplative work that encourages good humour. Always looking for surfaces and new forms to integrate the glass.


She has intervened furniture; created stained glass windows for churches and constructions; made practical objects and of common use like mirrors, trays, flowerpots and vases; vitromosaic plates that stand out in color. In recent time she has specialized in techniques of vitro-mosaic and vitro-fusion, creating three-dimensional pictures in glass designed to play with the light of the spaces. 

Free from prejudice, Norma sees in glass a world separated from reality. A joyful space made of little pieces of color that let the spectator find his own figures. In her art, she seeks to bring out the beauty in every day life: her artwork focus on beauty, colours and on bringing joy to the places where they are. Her stained glass windows have been acquired by churches and architects throughout Mexico, while her pieces are in collections have been exhibited  in Mexico, USA, Canada and Chile, in museums, festivals and galleries among of which Leonardo Da Vinci International Art Festival, Franz Mayer Museum and José Luis Cuevas Museum stands out. 

Looking through the colors and the light that is reflected, makes emotions flourish that turn everyday into a unique and special moment. 

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